North And South America

By Dylan D

The Leaf-to-Lips Journey of Chi Forest Oolong Tea

Health is a topic that's on everyone's minds, and it's here to stay; especially with the uncertainties we face in today's world, it's especially important to stay informed and make conscious choices for ourselves and our loved ones, to maintain good health and prevent illness. Some of those choices include additive- and chemical-free ingredients, which are safer and healthier.
Tea is one of the natural, every-day choices you can make; hydrating, revitalizing and full of health benefits, it's nature's original elixir for vitality. With thousands of varietals, options and price points, choosing one for your daily pick-me-up can be daunting. That's why we've crafted a go-to, premium brew: Genki Forest Oolong Tea. Its Asia's best-selling bottled tea drink, with its premium quality, leaf-to-lips flavor and all-around, natural goodness.

How Genki Forest R Tea Oolong Teas are Made

The perfect tea beverage comes down to the perfect brewing method. Here's how we do it:
Step 1. Harvesting - Oolong comes from a heritage Chinese tea plant, whose aromatic leaves produce both black and green teas. The leaves are carefully hand-picked from premium bushes in high-altitude mountains.
Step 2. Drying - The oolong tea leaves undergo drying, oxidation and fermentation processes, which unlock the natural tea polyphenols, develop its natural color, acquire its aromatic tastes and boost its nutritional content.
Step 3. Bruising - The leaves are placed in a basket and are applied pressure to flatten and spread out, preparing it for the roasting process.
Step 4. Roasting - The leaves are gently roasted over charcoal for 8-12 hours, developing further depth of flavor.
Step 5. Rolling - The leaves are hand-pressed to achieve the desired shape.
Step 6. Baking - The leaves are heated again at a low temperature. The multiple heating processes is one of the distinguishing differences between black and green teas.
Step 7. Brewing - After sorting and packing the oolong tea leaves, they're ready to brew. The leaves are steeped in pure water and left to brew for 20-30 days, in order to fully develop its aroma.

Benefits of Drinking Oolong Tea

Oolong is a partially oxidized tea that contains several antioxidants that help protect the body from cellular damage, caused by aging, lifestyle and environmental stressors. Here's more on the advantages of taking a daily dose of oolong tea:
Lowers blood pressure: The natural catechins present in oolong tea relax the smooth muscles that line blood vessels, which can help lower blood pressure.
Has anti-inflammatory properties: Oolong tea contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids such as catechins, theaflavins, and theasinensins. These flavanoids may help reduce short-term, arthritis-related pain.
Lowers the risk of diabetes. Oolong tea contains polyphenols, which help lower blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance.
Increases alertness. Drinking oolong tea improves alertness and mental performance. Oolong tea also has an amino acid called L-theanine, which has demonstrated positive effects on cognitive performance and relaxation.
Now you know about oolong tea's origin, processes and natural goodness, give ours a try and taste it for yourself, with the convenient luxury of Genki Forest R Tea oolong teas! Each bottle captures the leaf-to-lips bliss of:
• Premium, whole-leaf mountain oolong
• Exceptionally mellow aroma and deep, unique flavor
• No added sweeteners
• 1.4x more dietary fiber than other teas
• Higher levels of tea polyphenols and antioxidants than other teas
• 0 sugar, 0 fat
R Tea Roasted Oolong delivers an exceptionally mellow aroma with deep, toasty notes and a boost of natural antioxidants. Discover Genki Forest's modern twist on heritage tea, and invest in your everyday self-care with our quality and consistency to lean on. Here's to oolong tea for great quality, good health, and flavorful bliss, from leaf to lips.