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1. Our CS staff online time: 02:00 to 11:00 UTC from Monday to Friday. Your request will be replied to within 24h of working time.
2. The efficiency of the response time during the public holidays will be delayed to 72 hours. But we will get back to you once the holiday ends, so your patience is much appreciated. However, your orders will be shipped out at the usual efficient speed. [*the specific holiday will be informed additionally]
3. For more policies, please check the following link:

Cancel Order

  1. In 12H

Please contact us within 12h of your purchase time and kindly let us know the reason. We will process the cancellation in 1 working day and keep you informed.

  1. From 12H to 24H

Please contact us in 12h-24h from your purchase time and kindly let us know the reason. We will double-check with the shipping company and let you know the updated news.

  1. After 24H

We are sorry to inform you that the order cannot be canceled in most cases. However, please do not hesitate to tell us about particular situations you may encounter. We will do our best to help you and keep you updated on the final resolution.

Change Address

  1. Before Shipment

Please contact us within 12h of your purchase time and kindly let us know the updated address. We will update it for you accordingly and keep you informed.

  1. After shipment

Generally, the shipping company will require an additional operating fee for changing the address after your order is shipped out. The actual amount of the fee depends on your new address. So please contact us when you require this operation. Meanwhile, we recommend you double-check the address before making an order to avoid this additional shipping fee.

Note: The street 2 part ( street name and street number) should be less than 35 characters in total due to the limitation of the logistics (city and province are excluded).

Order not received

  1. Status 1: UPS official website shows 'Shipping'

Usually, the overall delivery time takes 4-7 working days. But if you have waited a long time, please contact us to help you check the exact status of your package. We will provide you with further resolution if there are abnormal status.

  1. Status 2: UPS official website shows 'Delivered'

Please contact us within 12h after you find the website status shows "Delivered" even though you have checked around your address and found nothing. We will double-check with the shipping company and let you know the updated information. Meanwhile, we suggest you check if there are any missed calls or if the courier contacted you during the delivery date.

Damaged Package/Missing&Incorrect Items/Product Quality Issue

Please check your package as soon as you receive it. Confirm it remains intact and the product inside is correct and undamaged. If there are any issues, please contact us as soon as possible with photo(s) of the packaging, shipping label, and product conditions. So please keep your product's package, shipping label and anything related to this order before you contact us. We will process a reissue or a refund accordingly once it's confirmed damaged by logistics.

Note: Generally, the claim cannot be appealed more than 24h after your parcel is delivered, so please check your drinks upon receiving them and let us know your concerns. For special cases, we will look into the issue and take relevant measures accordingly.


We are sorry to inform you that all sold items are non-returnable as we do not re-sell any drinks for food safety considerations. However, we will check the issue and take relevant measures based on your situation. Also, according to the shipping company's policy, an extra charge will be deducted from your order if the item has to be returned. Please feel free to contact us for further detailed guidelines.

Important Notice on After-sales Service

Again, we highly recommend you thoroughly check drink conditions before putting them aside. Kindly note that we will not be able to deal with any after-sale matters for more than 20 days from the parcel delivered date, so please get in touch with us timely if you have any concerns about your order, and we will do our best to deal with it.

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